Pastor David's Accident

March 20, 2007

David Moore's primary doctor said the Bendryl-type ingredient in Tylenol PM does not mix well at all with the bladder-calming med that he had been taking for about 2 weeks, "enough to knock anyone out."  Pastor David just happened to be at the top of his staircase when he passed out.
He and his son are blessed by people's generosity. David III normally travels with his dad but had decided some time ago that he didn't have the financial strength to make this trip. After seeing Dad in the ER he had a change of mind but it was your giving this past weekend that made the difference. This is a $3000 trip, at least, and his expenses have been covered.

Pastor David will not be able to keep his usual pace on this mission due to his delicate condition but really does expect this to be as wonderful an experience as ever, sharing with pastors and others in Nairobi, Kenya and Kigali, Rwanda and their surrounding regions.